The Power of Now   There can be no suffering if you are totally present in the moment. I suggested this to one of my teammates, and immediately she said, “But if I have an injury or physical pain, I am suffering.” I have had many surgeries and many physical setbacks. I have endured a … Continue reading Now.


Minimalism I watched Minimalism the other day, and it got me thinking. The documentary is simple. It’s about these two guys spreading the word across America that they are getting back to living with what they need, not what they want. The film idea isn’t necessarily rocket science; it’s an easy concept to wrap our … Continue reading Minimalism

together we rise bracelet (go to Shop to purchase)

together we rise (bracelet on Etsy) From the London Olympics to the Women’s World Cup, "rise" was an important part of our vocabulary with the Canadian National Team.  It represented not only rising up together with our performance but also seeing our flag rise as a goal.  Lately, however, it has come to mean much … Continue reading together we rise bracelet (go to Shop to purchase)