My name is Erin McLeod, and for more than 14 years I have played for the Canadian Women’s National Soccer team.  Since I started playing, soccer has been my life.  I have memories of being heartbroken after every game lost when I was little, and every time my mom would say, “Erin, it’s just a game”, and I would get even more upset.  Now, of course, I know she is right.  As the years have gone by, I realize the game has been my closest companion.  I’ve been through struggles and challenges in my personal life, and I have found out who I am all while playing.

I’ve realized what I love most about the game is the chance to grow, to learn, to evolve, and to think outside the box.  Soccer has been a vehicle of inspiration for me and continues to be.  When I had my third ACL surgery, I wondered if I could keep playing, if my inspiration for the game had run out, if the injury was a sign that I should listen to.  Then, I started getting emails and calls from friends, family, fans, teammates, former teammates, and people I barely knew.  Instead of saying good luck or get well, they all started sharing stories of what they had been through– what inspired them to keep going and what drove them to be the best version of themselves. 

This is when I knew in my heart that not only was I not finished playing soccer, what people were sharing with me needed to be shared with everyone.  Motive Nation is a simple concept:  we interview people who lead inspirational lives, and they give us words they live by.  Those words we share with the world on t-shirts, and 10% of our profits go back to that person or a charity of their choice, and another 10% goes to a charity of our choice. 

This has already been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.  I’ve had the chance to interview people I have looked up to: sport heroes, musical geniuses, documentary film makers, CEO’s, and the list goes on.  They all have opened my eyes to what motivation really means. 

It doesn’t end with just t-shirts, however; this is a place for blogging, podcasts, nutrition tips, a resource for people striving every day for more.  Our guests have the chance to nominate people who have positively affected their lives and the people around them.

Motive Nation is about motivating a nation.  It’s really that simple