Vanessa Wilhelmson

I met Vanessa and her husband while they were walking their dog, Kung, which is King in Swedish.  Maxwell, our pup, had on a little olive sweater, and Vanessa was also wearing the same colour coat.  While walking by, Vanessa said, “Olive is so in this season,” and both Ella and I laughed.  Swedish people generally are quite quiet and keep to themselves. Ella and I both looked at one another, smiling ear to ear and saying she must be an American.

Half a year later, I ran into Karl, Vanessa’s Swedish husband, and he was with Kung.  I had Maxwell and Sven, and Sven fell in love with Kung immediately.  Karl soon realized I wasn’t from Sweden, and we started chatting, and he told me to connect with his awesome wife, so out of the blue I called her.  I have never just called someone I have never met, but as it turned out, we instantly connected.

Vanessa is all good energy.  She has had an incredible and challenging  life and is in the middle of writing a book about raising a son who is Autistic.  What I admire most about Vanessa is that she is real.  Life doesn’t always throw us roses but she has a resilience and determination about her that I admire, yet at the same time she allows herself to show moments of doubt and vulnerability.

She has graciously put together a recipe she uses, and even through a recipe, her personality shines through.

Thanks, Vanessa, for this recipe.  And thank you, Karl, for breaking out of your hermit shell (the same one I have) to try and connect people from the same part of the world;)

If you like this recipe or are interested in what Vanessa’s approach is to parenting an autistic son, check her out daily @wordsbyvanessa on instagram.  She has recipes, tips about foods that add to your life, explains how to make lotions,  shares her outlook on the day, and there’s a lot more.

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The whole reason I started this site was because of other people’s stories and their motivation. We can continue to build a supportive community where we can help one another live fuller, happier, and healthier lives!!!

Without further ado….

Please see the link for Deer Meat Bolognese:

Deer Meat Bolognese

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2 thoughts on “Vanessa Wilhelmson

  1. Good article,unfortunately there are millions persons who have to reinventing..having family and a (difficult) like…but fight for those persons is the only way to go out with them to the Shadow.. Thanks erin ..


  2. Still in my head but McLeods version of “Running” is what I listening to as I write this. Depending how moderates my comment yesterday, it wouldn’t be fair to not make a comment here.
    Vanessa, I apologize for inventing a type of understanding to make this comment work.
    She probably could have walked away from her family any time, quick but not easy solution of not having to deal with the aches and stress of loving someone unconditionally. Having a child who unwillingly or incapable to always understand the challenges they create for their parents, can make a hectic day. Going to the movies and the child just roots themselves in the theater hallway refusing to go any further when an hour ago it’s all they wanted to do. The parent struggles with how to get the child up and moving willingly while trying to avoid raising their voice and needing to take disciplinary actions. Another is getting loaded up for a drive and being 15 minutes on the road the child wants to go home. As they keep asking about home or wanting to be at their destination always asks “We there?” Vanessa must have to always adjust her love, meaning increasing it each day, and keep her patience at God like levels. Everyone needs breaks, but when you say you love someone unconditionally you don’t walk away, you recoup for a few minutes, hours, maybe a whole day. You prepare each day to love because you go in wondering if there will be unexpected triggers that your love one faces. You figure out how to adjust and you’re just glad to have the opportunity to do so.
    Complement and compliment. People change no matter where they are or who they are with, but when you love someone unconditionally you figure out how to complement them. Everyone’s progression is paced differently. You read a book or watch a inspiring documentary, how many times have you asked (maybe unknowingly) wife and family to adjust to your needs. Sure needs to change your growth for personal development is good but you’re asking to also change the environment for the family. Some things like gluten free lifestyle could make for better changes but wanting to change thinking you need constant change doesn’t help the pace of progression for others. Complimenting out of situations won’t always work, instead compliment to grow love and patience.
    The lyrics of “Runnin” – Runnin’, runnin’, runnin’, runnin’ | Runnin’, runnin’, runnin’ | Ain’t runnin’ from myself no more | Together we’ll win it all | I ain’t runnin’, runnin’, runnin’, runnin’ | Runnin’, runnin’, runnin’ | Ain’t runnin’ from myself no more | I’m ready to face it all | If I lose myself, I lose it all
    You said you are bad at patience, but living healthier lives you need patience, because you could lose it all.
    The lyrics of “When We Were Young” – Everybody loves the things you do | From the way you talk | To the way you move | Everybody here is watching you | ‘Cause you feel like home | You’re like a dream come true | But if by chance you’re here alone | Can I have a moment | Before I go? | ‘Cause I’ve been by myself all night long | Hoping you’re someone I used to know
    You may have dreamed her up but don’t release reality like a dream. Now when you see her, you got to take in her surroundings because she’s wanting to share an opportunity that you got to follow her to. Keep your reasons alive. Knowing pride and ego as a way of mindfulness is idealistic but don’t let mindfulness distract you from love, patience, and luck of finding the one. Rest your mind so you can see what you have. “Be right here”
    Strange that quotes can be double edge, sacrifice everything for success. Do you have to? Is that the purpose of life – success and sacrifice. Where is love? Pride and ego again. If anything has to be sacrificed, it’s time. You don’t know how much time you have, why waste it by sacrificing love for success?
    I leave it here with lyrics from “Umbrella” – You have my heart, and we’ll never be worlds apart |Maybe in magazines, but you’ll still be my star | Baby, ’cause in the dark | You can’t see shiny cars | And that’s when you need me there | With you I’ll always share | Because | When the sun shines, we shine together | Told you I’ll be here forever | Said I’ll always be your friend | Took an oath that I’m a stick it out ’til the end | Now that it’s raining more than ever | Know that we still have each other | You can stand under my umbrella | You can stand under my umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh
    This is fear driving my words, but it strengthens my resolve to step back to see myself to understand who I need to be for myself. I need to rebuild my faith in people and in myself. I’m on page 121 of The Power of Now. Not quite my cup of tea but I want to finish what I started and reevaluate with a transformed me. Meaning I won’t brush it off just because I can’t understand it all now, as much as I want to.


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