Vanessa Wilhelmson

I met Vanessa and her husband while they were walking their dog, Kung, which is King in Swedish.  Maxwell, our pup, had on a little olive sweater, and Vanessa was also wearing the same colour coat.  While walking by, Vanessa said, “Olive is so in this season,” and both Ella and I laughed.  Swedish people generally are quite quiet and keep to themselves. Ella and I both looked at one another, smiling ear to ear and saying she must be an American.

Half a year later, I ran into Karl, Vanessa’s Swedish husband, and he was with Kung.  I had Maxwell and Sven, and Sven fell in love with Kung immediately.  Karl soon realized I wasn’t from Sweden, and we started chatting, and he told me to connect with his awesome wife, so out of the blue I called her.  I have never just called someone I have never met, but as it turned out, we instantly connected.

Vanessa is all good energy.  She has had an incredible and challenging  life and is in the middle of writing a book about raising a son who is Autistic.  What I admire most about Vanessa is that she is real.  Life doesn’t always throw us roses but she has a resilience and determination about her that I admire, yet at the same time she allows herself to show moments of doubt and vulnerability.

She has graciously put together a recipe she uses, and even through a recipe, her personality shines through.

Thanks, Vanessa, for this recipe.  And thank you, Karl, for breaking out of your hermit shell (the same one I have) to try and connect people from the same part of the world;)

If you like this recipe or are interested in what Vanessa’s approach is to parenting an autistic son, check her out daily @wordsbyvanessa on instagram.  She has recipes, tips about foods that add to your life, explains how to make lotions,  shares her outlook on the day, and there’s a lot more.

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The whole reason I started this site was because of other people’s stories and their motivation. We can continue to build a supportive community where we can help one another live fuller, happier, and healthier lives!!!

Without further ado….

Please see the link for Deer Meat Bolognese:

Deer Meat Bolognese

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One thought on “Vanessa Wilhelmson

  1. Good article,unfortunately there are millions persons who have to reinventing..having family and a (difficult) like…but fight for those persons is the only way to go out with them to the Shadow.. Thanks erin ..


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