I watched Minimalism the other day, and it got me thinking. The documentary is simple. It’s about these two guys spreading the word across America that they are getting back to living with what they need, not what they want. The film idea isn’t necessarily rocket science; it’s an easy concept to wrap our brains around, but our society’s obsession with material things and consumerism has made it easy to get off track.

It made me think of my own life, how I’m constantly buying new clothes because I’m moving all the time. At one point, I probably had the exact same V-neck in three different locations instead of having one that travels with me. One of the main minimalism guys packed a carry-on, one light enough to carry (not roll), to last him 10 months. It made me think- could I do that?

I read on twitter the other day a quote from one of the many mindfulness handles I follow that said, “Once you realize you have all you need, you then can have everything.”

I tried to remember the last time I wore a pair of jeans until I got a hole in them– or a pair of shoes that I actually wore the soles off of. You can ask anyone in my family about how once a year I go through all my clothes and purge what I don’t want, and I give many family members brand new wardrobes. I was in fashion for a short stint, and watching how some brands focus on new styles every single week makes me think of the clothes (barely used) being piled up in landfills around the world that I am contributing.

Like I said, it got me thinking. Last week I signed a contract with FF USV Jena, and well, I’ll be looking at a very tight budget until June. I will soon be moving into a one room apartment (and a bathroom) and am hoping to budget between 600-700 Canadian dollars a month for food. My goal is to see if I can eat, prepare, and perform at my best living on exactly what I need and if all the excess is actually just weighing me down.

Now, of course, I’m pretty lucky as I have Adidas Canada as my sponsor that supplies me with all the training equipment I need, and I also have Recovery Pump as a sponsor that will help with my recovery (other than that nothing will be covered). Along the way I hope to introduce you to my daily regiments and how these habits help produce greatness.

What I will also highlight is certain courses, ways to learn, basically any way to grow FOR NO COST. Often times we have so much education at our fingertips (especially now), and we seldom use it.

Because most of my money will be going towards food, my business partner, Betty Dodson, will supply a couple recipes of home cooked meals on our website, but we will also introduce a nutrition feature by @wordsbyvanessa. She has an incredible story about how eating healthy impacted her son who has autism and how it has enabled him, and the whole family, to live fuller and happier lives.

This upcoming journey will be awesome, and I want feedback!!!! IF you find certain tutorials online useful, a recipe you found on pinterest, a cheap and healthy meal at a restaurant, whatever it is – please email me at



3 thoughts on “Minimalism

  1. Wow, new challenge. I think it will be a success because materials can not replace the love that already exist within you and around you. (Well it could but not in a good way?)
    I think it will be cool to see how you get out of some comfort zones and take action and use your innovations and creativity in a new way. A story to tell the kids how you tried a new approach and what the outcome was. Sounds like fun stories ahead.
    Hmm, looking at my home and asking do I really need that? Scary.


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