Hurricane Harvey


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Houston was my home for two seasons when I played for the Houston Dash. What I consider memorable is first of all, our host family, the Sabisky’s, who opened their doors to two complete strangers (Ella and me and, of course, Maxwell our chihuahua). Not only did they give us a place to stay in Houston, but they also welcomed us into their family. They looked after us and checked in everyday- just because. After a while, Ella and I had our favourite coffee places, restaurants, walks, and, of course, teammates who will be our friends for life. I have been lucky to have travelled the world, and Houston is one of the friendliest places I’ve ever been. Rich in culture and diversity–not to mention a great sports town in one of the most soccer crazed states in the USA– it soon became home.

The best part about Houston is how accommodating, kind and generous people are, and now it’s time to give back some of what was shared with Ella and me. Houstonians continuously opened their homes to us. We had fans donate gift cards to restaurants for Ella and me to try. They just wanted us to enjoy and try some of what Houston has to offer. Nothing can truly destroy Houston as the people are what make that city… but they need help. There have been some incredible initiatives by Kevin Hart, J.J. Watt, the military, to name a few, and what I’ve learned is that anything you can do to help – helps!

I’m dedicating this piece and all profits will go towards the cause (some silent auction stuff will also go to the dash from Ella and me. If you are interested, please contact @brianching) Additionally, all profit from my Compass print sales will be added to the donations– anything helps

The piece I have just painted to help raise some money is name Houston, and it is a collection of Houston street art that I had the pleasure of enjoying while there (some in person, some just because I am obsessed with every city’s street art). Some of the words and designs are what an outsider like myself thinks of when thinking about this incredible city– powerful words like Give (one of the most charitable cities in the USA), Hope, for moments like this, Houston raised me, for the pride of coming from Houston, and finally, Changing, as the people and city are constantly changing but the friendly culture remains.

This is a layout of all the art I took from, and I’ve given credit to the artists I know down below. None of this work is my own. I have simply done my best to replicate what other talented artists have done.

If you are interested in putting in an offer to purchase Houston,  please email: .

Thank you for your kindness, generosity, and time,

Erin and Betty (The Motive Nation team)

The auction began September 14th and will run for one week (the bidding ends at midnight Pacific Coast time on the 21st).  We will update the public on bids. The minimum starting bid is 3,000 US Dollars (I know it’s high, but I’m hoping we can make an impact in Houston) and to place a bid please email Let’s make a difference together:  All proceeds will go to Hurricane Harvey relief.

Below is the Houston street art that inspired this piece and below the pictures are the names of the artists.  I couldn’t give credit to every piece, but there is an attempt.inspiration chanding


Credit to the artists (and thank you Winnie Ho for all your help)

  1. Changing Language, Changing Worlds Mural
    Artist: Dual

  2. Biscuit Paint Wall
    Artist: Sebastien Boileau
  3. Obama “Hope” poster
    Artist: Shepard Fairey
  4. “Houston Raised Me”
  5. Para Mi Gente
    Artist: El Nacho
  6. Bowery & Houston Wall
    Artists: Revok and POSE
  7. “Be Someone” Graffiti
    Artist remains anonymous

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