Irresistible Open-Faced Avocado Sandwich

Open-Faced Avocado Sandwich

If you go to any vegetarian or “heathy” eatery, you are likely to see something with avocados on the menu.  Avocados are wonderful.  They are loaded with healthy nutrients and the kind of fat that your body benefits from.  It also has a high fiber content.  When picking an avocado to buy, pick one that gives just a little when slightly squeezed. You don’t want a super soft avocado.  It will probably be past its prime and be dark and fibrous inside.  If you buy a hard unripened avocado and want it ripened quickly, put it into a small paper bag and close it.  The gases from the avocado will help to ripen.  I’ve also heard that adding a banana could speed up the process.

If, by chance, you like avocados but have not gotten past only having them in your salad, try making an open-faced sandwich with them.  It’s super easy and, most importantly, very tasty.

  1. multi grain bagel or any kind of bread that you prefer. (You will want to toast the bread to give it a slightly crunchy texture to compliment the avocado.)
  2. 1 medium or large avocado
  3. pinch of salt
  4. fresh cilantro, fresh basil or baby arugula
  5. black pepper
  6. Tabasco hot sauce (optional but adds a nice kick)
  7. prosciutto (optional but really good)
  • Take a sharp knife and cut an entire circle around the outside of the avocado starting from the top and then going down toward the base and then up to the starting point of the cut. If you have made a solid cut around the avocado, it will split into two when you twist apart the two parts.  To remove the seed, hold the seeded half in one hand and use a fairly big knife and very carefully give the seed a wack with the intention of leaving the edge of the knife in the seed.  Once this is accomplished, give the knife a twist, and the seed should come out easily.  That is literally the hardest part of working with an avocado!  Take a soup spoon and run it around the inside edge of the avocado so that you can scoop out the avocado from the skin/shell.  In a bowl, use a fork to mash up the avocado. Add the salt, pepper and Tabasco.  Mix gently.  Leave the mixture a little chunky.
  • Toast the bread.
  • Clean the cilantro or basil, whichever you would like to add to your dish. (Make sure it’s dried.) Or have the arugula ready.
  • Take half the toasted bagel or bread slice and generously dollop and spread the avocado on it. Tear the prosciutto into pieces and drape it across the top of the avocado.  Next comes the herbs or arugula.  I like to put a more than generous helping on top.  Finish with a little cracked pepper, and you are ready to eat.  (You can make all kinds of variations to this, so add whatever makes your mouth happy!)  

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