together we rise bracelet (go to Shop to purchase)

together we rise (bracelet on Etsy)

From the London Olympics to the Women’s World Cup, “rise” was an important part of our vocabulary with the Canadian National Team.  It represented not only rising up together with our performance but also seeing our flag rise as a goal.  Lately, however, it has come to mean much more…

I often don’t speak about politics, but this year has been unique.  Like sports, if you are run by fear then you underperform consistently.  Similarly, if one player is afraid it can have a domino effect, and even the most confident players can be overcome by this fear.

For a while we stopped selling things at Motive Nation.  Someone wise once told me you can’t sell inspiration, and I agreed completely.  Our goal was solely to inspire by sharing blogs, free art, interviews, and by doing periscopes where we could speak directly to our viewers.  That will remain our mission… but my business partner, Betty Dodson and I, threw around the idea of wearing a bracelet that symbolizes peace, acceptance, courage, and standing up for what’s right.  We came up with “together we rise”.  Betty found a sheet of leather and cut all the pieces so we could sell them to our fans for less.  I wear my bracelet every day.  It reminds me we are all one- that hatred and racism are wrong and love does not discriminate.

Thank you for making a stand- big or small- against fear and hatred.


The Motive Nation team

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